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Ik heb jaren lang de uit 1986 Aristona 68KE4905-03R gehad.

Je kunt de pre (groene knop) opnieuw instellen.
Dacht rode knop, gaat knipperen, instellen opnieuw, en dan groene knop drukken.
Dan staan op dat moment de nieuwe instellingen onder de groene knop.

Dacht alleen dat werkte op knoppen front, niet via AB.
Groen Ab is alleen dan identiek aan groen knop op paneeltje instelling op dat moment.
Veranderen groene knop , alleen op paneeltje achter klepje.

Uit de Tips service lijst Philips 2B chassis:
2B Contents of memory lost The failure occurs when the set is switched off by the power switch.
Replace battery 1925 (4822 138 10313)
Check and replace if necessary IC 7925, IC 7926
(PCD 8571P; 4822 209 83571)

2B Poor and distorted sound; sound OK via SCART Check/replace IC7102 (U2830B; 4822 209 73756) on stereo decoder

Memory does not store brightness, contrast, colour and sound.
Fault 1: Replace IC7926 = PCF8571P and back up battery.

Audio control IC TDA8421.
In appliances whose serial no. begins with AG07 and higher, a new audio control IC (TDA8421) was added as a replacement
for TDA8420. This IC has the advantage that the control steps in the lower part of the control range are less, whereby an
agreeable control occurs.
Note: IC TDA8421 can only be fitted in connection with uP MAB8421/W155 in appliances AG06 or higher.

2009 is deze gesloopt.


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